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Záchovná stomatologie
  • Every tooh detail is important to us! This is the reason why our dentists work with dental magnification. They use dental dental loupes providing 5x magnification and a dental microscope providing 26x magnification
  • We are using the best possible materials and the most advanced methods.

Preventive care treatment

The target of conservative dentistry is to keep your teeth healthy. Therefore it is necessary to make regular apoointments for preventive care check-ups every six months and combine appointments with dental hygiene appointments and at home dental hygiene. Modern dental technology allows us todetect cavities at an early stage. All of our dentists are equipped with dental loupes providing 3-5x magnification and dental intraoral X-ray sensors Digora. Dental microscopes providing 26x magnification are also available at our clinic.
A combination of our careful dentists together with our dental technology guarantee a proper treatment without omitting any problem. You can make sure you will be provided with a perfect dental treatment.

Zrcátko preventivní prohlídka

Magnification optical instruments

Magnification optical instruments are widely used in medical practice and the field of dentistry is no exception. Common tooth decay can be sufficiently treated with help of dental loupes providing 3-5x magnification. For more complicated dental treatments such as an endodontics treatment (root canal treatment), a higher magnification is necesssary, which can be accomplished by the use of a dental microscope.  A treatment will be precise even in case of a complicated tooth root system. The tooth root system of every tooth is absolutely unique, so it is not possible to see all roots and treat them properly. Therefore a magnification by surgical microscope is necessary.

New modern technology and dental care findings had not been available before, so a root canal treatment was not performed properly. Therefore, a complicated root canal retreatment, so called  endodontic retreatment, has to be performed. This situation might get complicated due to separated tools. Not only this dental complication but also other dental issues can be solved at STOMMA clinic.

Zvětšovací brýle

Photo composite resins

Tooth cavities can be treated by a variety of different materials depending on the extent of tooth decay, on the part of a tooth and dental arch is affected, on patient’s dental hygiene, etc. All the aspects are evaluated by a dentist who suggests the best treatment solution. Our STOMMA clinic offers a wide range of quality materials. The best quality fillings in the market are photo composite resins (white fillings) with benefits such as aesthetic appearance, minimal invasion, low risk factors for chipped teeth and also the fact that a patient is allowed to eat right after the treatment. During the treatment, a dentist keeps the “working area” dry by Cofferdam.

Fotokompozitní výplně

Anaesthesia and Analgosedation

A painless dental treatment is our philosophy.

Every treatment, that is painful or unpleasant, is performed on local anaesthetic. But local anaesthetic may not be sufficient enough. Based on patient’s request, our clinic offers above-standard services connected with a pain treatment after dental procedures which provide patients with more comfort. Our anaesthesiologist, who is a specialist and a member of our interdisciplinary team, will apply conscious sedation, so called analgosedation.

A conscious sedation such as analgosedation, is an induced stage to accomplish lower levels of consciousness defined by different critieria. A part of sedation is a pain treatment for procedures that are otherwise very unpleasant. The benefit of conscious sedation is an amnesia for dental procedures, which means that patients do not remember what happened during a dental treatment. Our clinic, one of a few quality dental clinics, quarantees conscious sedation performance by our doctor, an anaesthesiologist and a specialist in the field of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine who is in compliance and is recommended by Czech Medical Society. A compliance with professional  association recommendation is required by the Act No. 372/2011 Sb. on Health services and conditions of their provision. We monitor our care management system by continuous improvement of our quality and safety services.

Conscious sedation is an above-standard service which is not covered by insurance but patients. Please, check prices in our price list. We believe that dental treatment performed properly and without pain is not only our priority but also yours.


We care about your teeth very much. Do not underestimate regular preventive care check-ups so we can detect cavities and treat them early!


Patient’s physical examination and complete health assessment

An anaesthesiologist examines and assesses patient’s health conditions. If you are being treated for any of these diseases such as high blood pressure, coagulability disorders, diabetes, vascular brain damage, heart diorders, allergies or other serious diseases, you must go through an internal examination performed by your general practitioner or by a specialist depending on the type of disease.

What you should know before dental treatment with analgosedation

  • You are not allowed to eat for 6 hours and drink for 2 hours prior to your treatment.
  • Take your regular medicine. Do not skip it but consume only a sip of water with your medicine.
  • If you use tranquilizers, inform your doctor about it.
  • Your health conditon is very important when doing dental surgery as well as your post-operation progress. If you are ill or even if you suffer from common illness, ask to reschedule your appointment.
  • Reduce smoking for a few days before your treatment. If you smoke, at least do not smoke one day prior to your treatment.
  • Do not use nail polish before anaesthesia. It makes monitoring of your health status impossible. At least one nail is necessary to have without a nail polish.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • After treatment, you will be watched for another 30 minutes by an anaesthetist in doctor’s office.
  • Personal assistant is needed.

You are not allowed to drive a vehicle at least for another 24 hours after analgosedation.

We will provide you with a comprehensive and painless treatment

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