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As the patient’s comfort and satisfaction is our priority, we are doing our best to make working environment nice and welcoming so visiting your dentist is not stressful but pleasant experience. We assure you painless dental treatment.

Vstupní vyšetření

Dental hygiene

Similarly to your car, which is regularly serviced to be in good conditions, it is necessary to take care of your teeth. Do not service only your car but take care of your teeth! A team of our dental hygienists will provide you with a professional care of your gums and teeth.

Dentální hygiena


Nowadays dental alignment can by solved gently and carefully by wearing braces. Esthetical and functional problems can be solved by straightening your teeth. Our goal is to achieve straight dental palates aligning to each other and make a harmonic smile.


Esthetic dentistry

Similarly to the top designers who create fascinating trends in architecture, we will do the the same to your teeth. Let us be the architects of your smile!  Pretty attractive smile is more accessible than ever before thanks to modern dentistry.

Estetická stomatologie

Conservative dentistry

  • Every tooh detail is important to us! This is the reason why our dentists work with dental magnification. They use dental dental loupes providing 5x magnification and a dental microscope providing 26x magnification
  • We are using the best possible materials and the most advanced methods.
Záchovná stomatologie

Prosthetic dentistry

To improve your teeth due to tooth tissue loss, which cannot be treated by adding composite filling, our clinic provides tooth replacement using inlay, onlay or a crown.

Protetická stomatologie

Dental implants

Even the best dentures may never feel like your natural teeth but rather a foreign object requiring a proper care. A typical dental bridge treatment starts with tooth recontouring of surrounding healthy teeth. Dental implants perfectly fill the gap in your teeth without affecting surrounding teeth. Nowadays, dental implants are becoming the best option to choose from.


Dental surgery Periodontics

Are you worried about your eighth teeth or are you thinking about having dental implants? Our dentists will perform comfortable and painless dental treatment using a local anaesthetic or analgosedation as an additional service.

Stomatochirurgie Parodontologie

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