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Estetická stomatologie

Similarly to the top designers who create fascinating trends in architecture, we will do the the same to your teeth. Let us be the architects of your smile!  Pretty attractive smile is more accessible than ever before thanks to modern dentistry.

The most typical characteristic is your face and dominant feature of your face is your smile with beautiful and straight teeth.

People with a perfect smile feel more confident, therefore they will improve their private and professional life. Do you think your smile is not perfect enough and would you like to make it better? Put your worries in our hands and describe your feelings and needs. We will analyze esthetics components of your smile by using DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN technology and suggest the best solution based on your ideas.

Krásný úsměv

Teeth Whitening

Patients with symmetrical teeth can sufficiently have their teeth improved by teeth whitening treatments. There are different types of teeth whitening treatments such as In-office teeth whitening, At home teeth whitening by using a special custom-made tray or a combination of both. You can achieve a result of several shades brighter! Are you not certain which type of teeth whitening is suitable for you? Ask your dentist who is happy to answer your questions.

Bělení zubů

Teeth with dead nerves in the pulp, so called dead teeth, may change their color, become grey and negatively affect your perfect smile. It can be solved by whitening the inner part of these teeth.

Dental veneers

One of the esthetic dentistry practice is a tooth correction, its position, shape and color, by using dental veneers. Dental veneer is an ultra thin layer of ceramic porcelain or composite material applied onto the front surface of your teeth. Veneers are mostly used for esthetic front teeth correction, removal of dental surface defects, tooth discoloration, cracked teeth, and white stains, etc. Slight trimming of dental surface is necessary for the veneer to be added onto the tooth surface.  

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a unique innovation which enables to create real, beautiful smiles through modern digital technology. Based on image analysis of your current smile, you will be given a digital model of proposed changes needed to be made to your teeth in order to achieve a perfect solution.

Digital Smile Design

We focus not only on teeth but also consider your face as a whole. We understand the correlation of teeth, gums, lips and we visualize all possible dental and smile positions. A unique proposal is prepared to achieve a custom-designed smile. Once you approve your smile design, we will prepare your trial smile which you can to try out at the dentist’s office. With DSD technology, you will be able to try out how you feel and how you look before the treatment being finished. Then we will start the work. Our teamwork includes team efforts of our specialists. It may include an orthodontic tooth movement, a tooth reconstruction, a mini-invasive veneer or a crown reconstruction, dental implants or surgery dental practice. All this complete work takes place in one clinic!

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