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Protetická stomatologie

To improve your teeth due to tooth tissue loss, which cannot be treated by adding composite filling, our clinic provides tooth replacement using inlay, onlay or a crown.

Prosthetic dentistry enables a replacement of lost parts of teeth, a whole tooth or a set of teeth. Based on the extent of lost parts, we use:

Inlay, Onlay, Overlay

Modern stomatology tends to use a careful and gentle approch towards healthy tooth tissues, and therefore treatments using composite or ceramic inlay, onlay, overlay are becoming more common. It is a very careful treatment and only the necessary part of a tooth is removed.



Crown are used in case of a significant loss of tooth tissue. If composite filling, inlay or onlay are not possible anymore, the best aesthetic and the most careful option is ceramic crowns.

Fixed dental bridges

By using fixed dental bridges, we can replace missing teeth by recontouring neighbouring teeth which hold a dental bridge construction and span a space of the missing teeth; see a photo. However, a big disadvantage is the necessity of recontouring neighbouring healthy teeth. Our effort is to provide a gentle treatment, therefore we offer our patients a better option such as a tooth replacement using dental implants.

Onlay, můstek, korunka

The comfort our clinic STOMMA brings you consists of a great convenience where you do not have to take care of anything. Since the dental laboratory is a part of our clinic, therefore dental technicians cooperate with a dentist closely and can all discuss including patients their final results. They will fulfill all your wishes.

We will provide you with a comprehensive and painless treatment

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