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Nowadays dental alignment can by solved gently and carefully by wearing braces. Esthetical and functional problems can be solved by straightening your teeth. Our goal is to achieve straight dental palates aligning to each other and make a harmonic smile.

Proposing a treatment plan

As a part of orthodontics, we provide an admission dental examination, administration, X-ray imaging, bite-mark analysis and images. Once you agree with a plan, it becomes obligatory.  Afterwards, it is not possible to treat a defect in only one of the jaws or by using a different instrument. It is not possible to back away from plans connected with tooth extractions, surgical or prosthetic interventions which have been planned at the beginning of your treatment. In case of a treatment complication, a dentist is allowed to change and adapt the treatment plan. A team of orthodontist assistants working for STOMMA clinic is well educated, trained and supervised by a dentist.

Progress s rovnátky i s invisalign

Dental devices for tooth straightening

Our clinic provides treatment using removable (non-fixed) braces and as well as fixed braces. Removable (non-fixed) braces are used to treat minor dental defects and are used as retainers to keep treatment results after a tooth correction with braces. We use fixed braces to treat most of dental defects where brackets and circles are glued onto teeth. Afterwards wires, which are inserted inside, shape an ideal tooth palate and are used to shift teeth into a required position. A unique innovation in the market are „invisible braces“ called Invisalign. It is the most modern and convenient method for straightening your teeth.


Patient cooperation while wearing braces:

Orthodontic check-up treatments with removable and fixed braces

Orthodontic check-ups are a necessary part of a successful treatment. Check-ups for fixed braces treatment are approximately once a month and for removable braces treatment once every 2-3 months. The length of a treatment prolongs when missing check-ups. Fixed braces treatment without being checked might lead to a tooth damage. With removable braces treatment, it is important to obey dentist’s  instructions concerning screw activation. Some of our patients are provided with additional dental devices. Our orthodontic assistant will give you detailed instructions on the usage of  dental devices and also will train you at the doctor’s office how to use them correctly.

We are entitled to dismiss patients when missing scheduled appointments prior to finishing your treatment. You are still obligated to go to your regular preventive care check-ups! In case of tooth decay, we will immediately arrange a dental treatment with your dentist.

Fixed braces care

The most important requirement of a successful treatment is dental hygiene. When wearing fixed braces, it is necessary to clean your teeth after every meal.

After putting on braces, every patient is instructed of dental hygiene. This service is not covered by  insurance, we provide this sevice free of charge. When we find out a bad oral hygiene practice during patient’s check-ups, the patient is sent to a dental hygienist to be corrected and trained again.

Diet with fixed braces

Fixed braces do not mean any restriction for parents or children. It is necessary to change eating habits when wearing braces. After putting on braces, the first days are slightly painful and diet should consist of ground and liquid meals. Afterwards, there are no restrictions to eating except for fried bread, toast, nuts, raw carrot and kohlrabi, etc. Sticky sweets, caramel sweets and also nougat are to be excluded!

The treatment length with fixed braces

The average treatment length is betwen 1.5 - 3 years depending on a tooth disorder. The only correct treatment for those patients, who do not want to wear fixed braces for any reason, is no treatment at all.

The price for fixed braces

Insurance companies pay a portion of the costs connected with this treatment. Insurance companies cover professional work at the dentist’s office for the whole time of the treatment. Material used for fixed braces is not covered. A price for fixed braces is around 8.000,- CZK for each jaw and depends on how much material has been used during a treatment. Additional costs connected with removable braces and retainers are much lower and are paid right away after receiving. Some insurance companies also provide orthodontic benefits. The coverage of this benefit varies with each insurance company. Please, ask your insurance company to get more information. We will be very happy to prepare all necessary documents to refund your money.

Orthodontic retention – stability phase

A retention phase or a stability phase is an important part of the treatment to stabilize the final position of teeth reached by fixed braces treatment. All teeth tend to return to their original position after orthodontic corrections. The most common way to stabilize the final position is using retainers. Based on dentist’s instructions, it is necessary to wear them every night for the first year. After that, retainers are used less and less. Except for wearing retainers, a very thin piece of wire (retainer) is attached to the back of teeth which ensures front teeth stabilization. Every patient is responsible for consequences resulting from not following the retention phase and dentist’s instructions.

Complications in orthodontic treatment

During the first phase after putting on fixed braces, the initial complication is due to the pressure on your teeth and sometimes soreness of teeth may occur but it does not last more than a week. These complications might repeat after each check-up but not as much as during the first phase and last shorter time. Some patients tend to experience root resorption (shortening of the root length) which may make the process faster. In exceptional cases some unpredictable complication may occur during the treatment such as unusual tissue reaction or patient's body growth.

All these complications may make the treatment longer and may result in a bad effect different  from the one we would like to experience. The most common complication is tooth decalcification as a result of bad dental hygiene causing white or yellow spots on teeth, which will never disappear and will stay forever! Plaque causes gum inflammation. Findings show that tooth movement is likely to be slower in inflamed tissues which leads to periodontal ligament damage. Patients are responsible for such damaged teeth.


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