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Are you worried about your eighth teeth or are you thinking about having dental implants? Our dentists will perform comfortable and painless dental treatment using a local anaesthetic or analgosedation as an additional service.

With the use of high quality equipment and tools our clinic performs these following procedures:

Surgical extraction of molars (eigth teeth)

In most people their eighth teeth are not functional and are useless for chewing food. Because of their location, it might be difficult to brush them properly which results in food particles and bacteria build-up and causes a decay of neighbouring teeth and a gum and jaw inflammation. Detailed clinical and dental X-ray diagnosis is highly important before tooth extraction since not all of the molar teeth need to be extracted. Tooth extraction is performed by an experienced surgeon since the eighth tooth is often located near anatomical structures. Risk dental  patients are provided with a 3D X-ray scanning (CBCT X-ray scan) to minimize any complications.

Extrakce zubu

Crown-lengthening surgery

Chipped tooth or dental decay caused by late diagnosis are not reasons for a tooth extraction. Surgical crown-lengthening allows us to make a tooth edge accessible and to apply an isolating membrane (cofferdam). In this way we are able to repair tooth regardless whether it is a dental root treatment, dental tooth filling or dental imprint forming. Patients with front teeth restoration or gums growing over teeth are treated in our clinic in cooperation with prosthetics specialist. We are able to make your teeth symmetrical and reduce gum overgrowth.

Dental root tip amputation (endodontic micro-surgery)

At times of modern endodontics (root canal treatment), dental root tip amputation has been defined less and less. In case of endodontic treatment failure, we are able to effectively remove an infection in the root tip area and fill in a part of root canal from the revealed position. The treatment is set by experienced endondonist who takes the tooth location and prognosis into consideration.

Impacted teeth surgery

Impacted teeth are teeth which have not come through gum in certain time owing to obstacles or a lack of space. The deficiencies could be either functional or aesthetic. The dental treatment is performed together by an orthodontist and a surgeon. An orthodontist prepares treatment plan and chooses the best time for a surgery. A surgical treatment consists of removing obstacles causing tooth impaction and applying a lock, which can be orthodontically pulled into place in dental arches.

Covering exposed tooth necks, gum tissue surgery

Muko-gingival surgery includes local and general gum defect treatments. The most common ones are exposed tooth neck treatments, too tight periodontal ligament, lips and tongue frenulum, where the gum change may cause teeth brushing complications, plaque buildup and connecting inflammation, which makes the defect even worse and leads to a bone resorption.

Exposed tooth necks also cause increased tooth sensitivity or aesthetics problems.

Tooth autotransplantation

Tooth autotransplantation is a surgical movement of a tooth from one location in the mouth to another. Not a lot of people know about tooth autotransplantation and its long history in stomatology. Its popularity was overshadowed by development of modern dental implantology in 1980s. Dental implants are modern dentistry's great option for a tooth replacement. However, what is missing here compared to natural teeth, is the tooth’s natural infection resistence and high sensitivity. Therefore we always take autotransplantation into consideration when performing tooth replacement. Tooth autotransplantation is not common treatment, therefore it has to be discussed with an experienced surgeon. Clinical treatment with CT scanning is a part of your appointment.

Our dental surgeons were the first ones to perform tooth autotransplantation in the Czech Republic.

We will provide you with a comprehensive and painless treatment

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